Youtube Downloader: The best apps for iOS and Android phones

We have tested the best Youtube downloaders for you. In this article we show you how to download Youtube videos with an iOS or Android smartphone or how to convert them into MP3s.

In theory, many things are easy, like downloading videos or MP3 songs from the internet platform Youtube. In practice, it quickly becomes apparent that many questions arise: from the legal question of whether this is even allowed, to the technical question of which app is suitable for this and actually does what it promises and for what it was installed on an iOS or Android smartphone.
And the devil is in every detail here. So the legal question is by no means as clear as it seems at first glance – for clarification we use in this article the assessment of a well-known media lawyer familiar with the subject. And the official app sources of Apple and Google, namely the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS cell phones, are by no means a reliable source of supply for these apps, as both providers regularly ban YouTube downloaders from the app stores.

We’ll show you here why this is so and how you can still reach your goal. We will update this article regularly and check the suggested alternatives.

The legal evaluation of Youtube downloaders

The reason why apps for this service are regularly deleted from the app stores is due to the power of the providers. Neither Apple nor Google has any interest in videos and songs being downloaded from YouTube and made available offline. Both providers are active in the music streaming business, and Google, as the publisher of the Play Store on the one hand and of YouTube on the other, even plays a dual role – and with the product “YouTube Music Premium”, it also offers a paid version of its service, with which the downloading of videos and songs is compensated with a monthly flat fee.

From this perspective, it is therefore quite rational that the providers refer to the wording of the YouTube terms and conditions, in which the download of videos and songs from the platform is prohibited, and take action against this within the scope of their possibilities.

However, the use of the service is subject to certain restrictions. The following is not permitted: To access any part of the service or the content as well as to reproduce, download, […].

Extract from the terms of use Youtube from 22.07.2019

According to this interpretation, the download of YouTube videos and songs is thus covered by the “right to private copy” and even the YouTube terms and conditions cannot effectively contradict this – at least, doubts seem justified.

We have looked at which apps for iOS and Android phones you can use to download videos and MP3s from YouTube and have tested the different possibilities for you.

The results: Youtube downloader for iOS and Android

We don’t want to bore you unnecessarily with details – and we don’t have to, because with a Youtube downloader bot from Telegram you blindly decide for the best method to download videos from Youtube. Independent of the mobile operating system, ad-free and reliable. Our test winner!

The best Youtube-Downloader-Apps for iOS
In our search for the best YouTube downloaders for iOS, we searched for the right software, loaded and tested it. The test winner is free, ad-free and reliable: a rare combination.

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The best Youtube downloader apps for Android
Finding the best Youtube downloaders for Android was not easy due to Google’s restrictions in the in-house Play Store. After our test we have a clear test winner.

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