The best sex apps for your cell phone

Eroticism 2.0: There are countless sex apps on the market that are designed to give your love life a boost and make the most beautiful thing in the world even more beautiful. But with which applications for Android and iOS do you really have more fun in bed? These sex apps leave nothing to be desired.

Almost every area of life can now be optimized with suitable smartphone apps – including your love life, of course. Sex apps can pursue very different goals. Some applications can be used to find partners for the most beautiful trivial thing in the world. Some apps help you discover new sides to your better half. With others, you can get to know exciting sex positions and broaden your sexual horizon. Either way, sex apps can bring a lot of energy into your love life. And the good thing is that there are so many of them that there is something for everyone.

Tinder: More than just a dating app

You are single and looking for an adventure? Then Tinder might be just the right thing for you. The popular dating app is the first choice when it comes to contacts with bonus. It follows a simple concept that has been a resounding success for years.

Tinder shows you pictures of potential partners in your area one after the other. If you are interested in a person, you simply wipe to the left – for others to the right. You do not have to think big. The first impulse decides. If the pictured person wipes in the same direction, a match occurs. Your chat can begin – wherever it may lead.

Download available for iOS and Android.

A fulfilled love life with UnderCovers

“Less routine and more intimacy” is the promise of the sex app UnderCovers. To enjoy them, both you and your partner must download the application. Afterwards you will be shown different preferences. Whether it’s a threesome, sex outdoors or sex positions that are out of control, you’ll be surprised.

You and your lover, you indicate what you like and what you don’t like – completely independently of each other. Your partner will only find out about your wishes if he or she has the same preference. If there is a match, nothing stands in the way of your sexual experiments. Conclusion: UnderCovers is an ideal app if you want to be inspired and bring variety into your love life.

Download available for iOS and Android.

Hot challenges thanks to digital love cubes

You want to venture a few new things in bed with your loved one? But you two can’t think of anything? No problem, this task is taken over by the Sex-App Love Cube with Fake-Button.

The application guarantees you a sizzling night with hot challenges. And this is how it works: Shake your smartphone and the digital love cubes will give you and your partner erotic instructions. Whether your better half nibbles your ear or gently massages your thighs, it’s sure to be hot.

The hottest function is the fake button. This is a setting which is not visible to your partner and which you can adjust exclusively to your preferences – ideal if you want to be the architect of your own happiness.

Download available for iOS and Android.

iPassion promises fun and intimacy

Intimate and even some dirty questions await you at iPassion, the sex quiz for couples. Not only will you and your partner have a lot of fun with the app, you’ll also find out how well you really know each other.

First, you answer two questions about your sexual preferences. Afterwards your lover has to guess your answers. Then the tables are turned. For every correct answer you get ten points. But that’s not all: Whoever has 100 points first, an exciting prize awaits him. If that’s not even an incentive!

Download available for iOS and Android.

New sex positions with iKamasutra

If you want to try out new positions in bed, the sex app iKamasutra is the right choice. The digital version of the classic erotic work from India not only features over a hundred sex positions, but also provides hot challenges.

All positions are illustrated, explained in detail and can be filtered or categorized as desired. Once you and your partner have tried out a new position, you can “check off” it and a common percentage progress will be displayed on the start page.

But the app can do even more: In the challenge mode you get suggestions for daring new locations. In the movie mode you will be shown hot sex scenes from known and unknown movies, which invite you to imitate them. In random mode, you shake your cell phone and are offered a surprise position.

But the whole thing has its price: The sex app costs 3,49 € for iOS, 2,99 € for Android operating systems. But for now you can also try a free lite version, which presents you 30 of the 110 sex positions and maybe makes you want more.

Download available for iOS and Android.